Bonnies Bid For Breath

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I'm fundraising for to help those who suffer from lung related issues

Hi, I'm Bonnie!

I'm raising money for people who suffer with lung diseases. As a person who has suffered from asthma and had many family members and friends who have also had problems with lung diseases, I find it very important that we research more to know how to help people who suffer and make someone's day a bit easier! By donating to me you'll be helping a good cause!


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Thank you to my Sponsors


Greg Betts

Good luck on the run Bonnie. It’s a huge effort for a very worthwhile cause.


Kael Lawler

It’s for a good cause


Pam Betts

Go Bonnie! Lots of love, Grandma.


Tom Ryan

Good luck Bonnie


Thomas Quayle

All the very best Bonnie, what a great cause!


Michael Ryan

Great cause. Very proud to see what you are doing xx