Getting Started

Do I need to register?

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Yes. Registering creates an official fundraising page with Lung Foundation Australia. You will have access to our fundraising team for support.

Register to join an event to support your local community including patients and families impacted by lung cancer and lung disease. Register for one of our campaigns HERE.  

Can I register as a team, group, business? 

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Yes, team work makes the dream work! When registering, you will have the option to create a team page as well by choosing to create a Public or Private page. You can the invite your friends, family, or colleagues to join your team by sending your fundraising page url link. Anyone interested can then click the Join Us button on your page to register as part of your team. 

If you have signed up as an Indivdiual, you can log in to your fundraising dashboard and also create a team too, if you decide later.

If you need help creating a team page or would like registration support, please contact supporters@lungfoundation.com.au or call 1800 654 301 (option 1). 

I would like to register to fundraise with a Challenge Event, but cant seem to find the event I want to do? 

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On our Fundraising Home page, click the Search button under the Challenge Events option. All current challenge events will show as they become available. If your event is not listed, it is likely the Challenge Event has not opened registrations as yet. Refer back to here to see if your event is listed closer to the event date. 

Alternatively, if you want to do your own type of Challenge fundraising, consider signing up to our Funds for Lungs DIY campaign and fundraise for your own personal challenge. 


What is the best way to fundraise?

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The best way to get people donating is directly through your registered Lung Foundation Australia fundraising page. This provides sponsors with an instant tax deductible receipt and means you can keep track of your fundraising efforts as well. 

What do I do If I receive cash donations?

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Log in to your fundraising dashboard by clicking the Login button. Click the Donations tab. Click Add Offline Donations. Fill in the donor details in the form and we will email the receipt directly to the donor. 

Alternatively, you can bank any cash or cheque donations at any Westpac branch. You will need Lung Foundation Australia's banking details and your unique reference number, to ensure the funds are tracked and recorded to your online fundraising page. Call us on 1800 654 301 (Press 1 for fundraising) or email supporters@lungfoundation.com.au to receive these details. 

How do I give someone a receipt for a donation?

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Encourage donors to donate directly to your online fundraising page, as it is fast and easy, as it gives them a receipt instantly. 

If you do need to generate a receipt for a cash donation, the funds will need to be banked first, and then you will need to submit the Donation Register Sheet to us at supporters@lungfoundation.com.au 

Should I create a Facebook fundraiser?

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Always share your Lung Foundation Australia registered Fundraising page to Facebook as opposed to setting up a Facebook fundraiser. This way you can be sure that all your funds raised will be shown on your official Fundraising page.

Furthermore, we recommend you do not use the Facebook Donate button, as we cannot link any of the funds received through a Facebook fundraiser to your Lung Foundation Australia Fundraising page.

Any fundraising done through Facebook can take up to 90 days to receive. 

What do I do If I need support with my fundraising plans? 

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Please review our Fundraising Guidelines for more information and give our team a call on 1800 654 301 (Press 1 for fundraising) to discuss your plans. 


What should I do if I am having trouble donating to someone?

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If you need support or have noticed a technical error with the website whilste trying to donate, please email us at supporters@lungfoundation.com.au or call us on 1800 654 301 (Press 1 for fundraising). 

How do I donate directly to a friend who is fundraising?

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On Lung Foundation Australia's Fundraising Home page, click on the Get Involved button directly at the top of the page. Click the Search Here button to search for the name of the person you would like to doante to. Type the name or the team name of the person and click the search icon. Click on the page you would like to donate to and follow the donation prompts. 

What if I cant find the fundraiser that I want to donate to?

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On the Home page, click the Donate button and you have the option to search for the name of the fundraiser you would like to donate to, by typing their name. Once you have found the fundraiser, click onto their profile and choose or type the amount you would like to donate and then click the green Donate button. 

If you cant find the person you would like to donate to, they have possibly requested to be private, so they wont come up in any serach results. So you can instead ask them directly to send you their fundraising link instead. 

I have made a general donation but I would like it to show on my friend's fundraising page, how do I transfer it to show on their page?

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Please email us at supporters@lungfoundation.com.au or call us on 1800 654 301 (Press 1 for fundraising). Please advise of the amount donated, your name, and the name of the fundraiser you would like to transfer your donation to. 

Are donations tax deductible?

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Yes, all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. You will be emailed a receipt after your donation. 

Can I make an anonymous donation? 

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Yes, when making a donation on the fundraising page, you can check a box stating that you would like to remain anonymous to the fundraiser

Plunge In For Lungs

Do I need to register?

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Yes. By registering you will be part of the challenge and have access to your own fundraising page where you can keep track of how you are tracking to both your fundraising goal and the phycial challenge you choose. 

Can I register as a team?

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Yes. You can register as an Individual or create a Team. If you register as an Individual, and decide later you want to start or join a team, you can do so by logging into your fundraising dashboard.

The Team Captain who creates the team, will have the ability to communicate with all team members through your fundraising dashboard. Click My Messages to write a message to a team member, or a group message to the whole team. This will send the message to the person's fundraising dashboard or for the whole team.   

Where can I get involved with for Plunge In For Lungs?

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Get involved with your challenge where it is conmvinient for you and in your own time. Whether that is the ocean and beach, your backyard pool or local swimming pool. The main thing is to make it accesible and convienient for you. 

How can I keep track of my physical challenge?

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When you have registered, and logged in to your fundraising page, you can update you Fitness Activity in various ways. 

You can sync your fitness apps with Fitbit, Strava and Garmin. You can do this under My Fitness Activity in your fundraising dashboard. Or you can also manually add your progress by noting down how much you have progressed to your goal. 

On your fundraising page, you can then see how you are tracking to both your fitbness challenge and your fundraising goal. 

I can't swim, but I still want to support this campaign?

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Plunge In For Lungs is a cold water swimming challenge, and it is each registrants responsibility to ensure their own health and safety when getting involved. 

If you are unable to swim, you can still get involved by Fundraise Your Way HERE. Get creative with how you Plunge In For Lungs, whether you are doing a cold water or ice bucket plunge each day, or plunging tea bags with a morning tea with your workplace.

I've raised $100 but havent received my merch items yet?

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Great work kick starting your fundraising page with some donations and congrats for qualifying for our merch items! We will do our best to get these to you as soon as we can, please allow up to 10 business days from the date you have achieved the $100 milestone. 

Shine a Light on Lung Cancer

What do I do if I'd like to host a Shine a Light walk event in my local community?

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We would love to support our interested community hosts in putting on an event in their community. Complete the Expression of Interest Form and tick Volunteering to host a walk in my community, and our team will be in touch. 

What are the shine a light lanterns and how do I get one?

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The Shine a Light lanterns reflect different meanings with each of the three colours.

- Purple: I am remembering a loved one 
- Orange: I am living with lung cancer
- Green: I am supporting the lung cancer community

When you register for an event, you will be asked which lantern colour you are registering for. When you raise $100 on your personal fundraising page you will receive your lantern in the post, along with a Lung Foundation Australia Tote bag. 

We understand that people may fall under multiple colours, and we encourage the registrant to choose the colour that they feel they connect with the most in relation to the lantern meanings. 

Lanterns are reserved for registrants only, with limited availability at events.

Do the Shine a Light lanterns float into the sky or water?

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No. The lanterns are designed out of cardboard so they can be recycled and reused each year. People who have lanterns from previous years are welcome to re-use for current campaigns.

How do I receive my lantern and Tote Bag for Shine a Light on Lung Cancer?

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It is important to register for your event so we can ensure we have enough lanterns and Tote Bags for all particpants. Registrants who raise $100 or more by cut off date of 20th October 2024, will receive a lantern and Tote Bag. We will post your Tote Bag and lantern to your registered address. We set this date to ensure that your package arrives by the time of your registered walk. We will try our best to have your package arrive in time but we cant guarantee this with postage. 

If you have raised this $100 milestone after the cut off date, Tote Bags and Lanterns will be reserved for fundraisers and limited leftover merchandise will be subject to availability at events. 

How can the rest of my team members receive a lantern and tote bag? 

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Each team member will need to be registered and raise $100 or more. Registrants who raise $100 or more by cut off date of 20th October 2024 will receive a lantern and tote bag. We will post your package to your registered address. 

Do children need to register?

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Anyone over 12 years of age will need to register, but will require to have parental or guardian permission during the registration process, by confirming they are agreeing to our terms and conditions. 

If you would like to register family members under 12 years of age, we recommend creating a team page. To receive a T-Shirt and Lantern for each family member in your team, the team will need to raise $100 for each young person on your team page by 20th October 2024. Our fundraising team will reach out to you to cooridnate sizes. 

Why do I need to raise $100 to recieve my chosen lantern and Tote Bag for Shine a Light on Lung Cancer? 

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This year, each person will need to register for the event they wish to attend and raise $100 on their personal fundraising page to receive a lantern and tote bag.  

Shine a Light on lung cancer is a community fundraising event, to gather together, reflect, show support, raise funds and give hope. 

The funds raised are directed towards life changing research and practical support for patients and families impacted lung cancer. 

This is why we are asking each person to fundraise $100 for a lantern and tote bag. On average fundraisers raised $340.

What If I dont need a tote bag or lantern?

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Please call us on 1800 654 301 (option 1) or email supporters@lungfoundation.com.au and let us know, so we can allocate this to someone else in the community. 

How long are the Shine a Light community walks?

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As the walks are at different locations, each route will be different and unique to that area. Usually the walks range from 1km - 3km in length and can take about 30min - 1hr to return to the original meeting point. The events are led by local Volunteer Community Hosts who determine the walk route for the event. 

As we understand that everyone has different walking capacities, participants are welcome to return back at any time throughout the walk, and we offer a halfway turn around point option as well for every location. 

The walks are not designed to be challenging, and more so a reflective uniting community walk. 

What can I do if I would like to support Shine a Light on Lung Cancer, but not close to any walk event or want to do my own fundraiser event at a different time? 

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You are more than welcome to still register to support the community closest to you. 

  1. Register to join and fundraise to support the event and local community including patients and families impacted by lung cancer. Find an event near you HERE
  2. Register your Shine a Light DIY fundraiser. If you cant make a walk event in your area, or if you would like to create your own event at a different time of the year. Register HERE

Lung Foundation Australia

Where does the money go?

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Funds raised ensures Lung Foundation Australia can continue to offer vital support and information services, drive advocacy movements, education programs and support ground-breaking research into Lung Diseases and Lung Cancer.

What does Lung Foundation Australia do?

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Research offers hope, whether for a cure or for an improvement in quality of life. With money raised through the generosity of organisations and the community, our Research Program provides seed funds for research projects and acts as a vehicle for collaboration with leading Australian researchers seeking to answer complex research questions in lung disease and lung cancer.

Our Research Program aspires to: 

  • Provide much needed funding opportunities for early and mid-career researchers to undertake lung-focused research 
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of the cause, prevalence and impact of a wide variety of lung conditions, including lung cancer 
  • Support the discovery and translation of new diagnostic and treatment approaches to the bedside 
  • Grow research partnerships across government, non-government and industry, to bring together the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to advance lung health science, prevention and management 
  • Improve health and wellbeing outcomes for patients. 
To find out more about Lung Foundation Australia and the work we do, see our recent Impact Report

What can I do if I would like to share my story with Lung Foundation Australia?

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Thank you for choosing to share your story.  Sharing your personal experience with lung disease is a compelling and inspiring way for others to learn about and cope with their diagnosis. Your story may also encourage people to identify and act on symptoms they are experiencing, which may otherwise have been ignored. Share your details HERE

How can I connect with Lung Foundation Australia to access support? 

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We understand being diagnosed with a lung condition can have an enormous impact on you and your family. We want you to know you are not alone and that we are here to support you to live well with your lung disease. Lung Foundation Australia provides services and resources for people with many types of lung diseases, including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and lung cancer. Complete the form to connect with our team and learn more about our services below, or call the Information & Support team on 1800 654 301 (Press 3). 

How does Shine a Light on lung cancer connect with Lung Foundation Australia? 

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Lung Foundation Australia’s Shine a Light on lung lancer campaign has raised money to support ground-breaking lung cancer research, as well as practical support for patients, such as our Lung Cancer Social Workers and Nurse programs. Shine a Light is tradtionally held in November for Lung Cancer Awareness Month, although supporters can register to fundraise any time of the year, through our Shine a Light DIY fundriasing option. 


Can I purchase merchandise?

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Yes, see our available merchandise on our Online Shop

How do I make sure my fundraiser or event is safe? 

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It is very important that any fundraiser event is safe and in accordance to our Fundraising Guidelines

The lung cancer community are a vulnerable members, particularly to Covid-19 as well. Please find the latest Covid-19 health infromation in your state HERE

Are my fundraising activities covered by Lung Foundation Australia's public liability insurance?

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Public liability insurance can be provided by Lung Foundation Australia subject to review and approval of proposed fundraising activities. All requests to access public liability must be in writing with a completed Event Proposal Form. After approval, you will then be provided with this, and a Letter of Authority. 

Please call 1800 654 301 (Press 1 for fundraising) if you would like to discuss your fundraising plans further. 

Still have a question?

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Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions or would like to discuss your fundraising plans. 

Please call 1800 654 301 (Press 1 for fundraising) or email us at supporters@lungfoundation.com.au