When every breath counts... Every connection matters.

No one should be alone at Christmas. Especially if they’re coping with lung disease or lung cancer.

This Christmas, your gift can connect Australians with lung disease or lung cancer to the support they need for a
better life. 

Please give generously.
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1 in 3 Australians will face a lung disease. The impact extends far beyond the physical. 

People living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are 10 times more likely to face panic disorders. 50% of lung cancer patients grapple with distress, anxiety and/or depression.

Patients across all lung diseases tell us they feel isolated, afraid, and reluctant to open up to loved ones for fear of burdening them.

But our peer support networks are a lifeline. Here anyone impacted by a lung disease can find understanding, camaraderie and practical assistance. 

Along with improved mental wellbeing peer support members report: 

Improvement in social participation

Increased confidence to manage their condition

Greater involvement in their health care choices.

-Lynne Briscoe, peer support member and leader living with COPD and lung cancer.

Our peer support network today


18 condition-specific or carer-based support groups available nationwide.


42 groups with more than 600 members throughout Australia.


300 patients with the same lung condition connected via our telephone-based support.

We urgently need to expand the network to ensure every Australian impacted by lung disease or lung cancer can access the life-changing support that our communities provide.