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I'm fundraising for loved ones I’ve lost to lung cancer and lung related diseases and illnesses


I am trying to fundraise through the Plunge In For Lungs (Time challenge) to help support Lung Foundation Australia and Lung Health Awareness Month in May. I will be committing to my challenge to swim as many hours as I can in the month of May! 

Please help me by making a donation through my page. It only takes a minute and any money you can give (no matter how large or small) will go a long way to helping me reach my target.

Over the years I haves struggled with a number of respiratory issues and lost some very close loved too. This year I’ve decided to take action by swimming in the WINTER to raise funds.

Thank you, I really appreciate your support. 

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Honoring the Past, Building the Future: The Quest for Lung Wellness

Friday 10th May
In the depths of my childhood, I battled relentlessly with respiratory challenges. Asthma was my unwelcome companion from the start. Just as we hoped I’d grown out of it, my body was attacked by mycoplasma, unleashing a vicious lung infection. At 12 being confined to a hospital bed felt like an eternity - it was just over a week. From that moment, life took on a different hue. My immune system faltered, and I found myself falling ill with alarming frequency—every sneeze in my vicinity seemed to trigger bronchitis, or worse, pneumonia.

The struggle was real. Countless doctor visits, breathing exercises, inhalers clutched like lifelines, and the ceaseless hum of the nebulizer became my routine. It took years for my immunity to muster a feeble defense, yet even then, the specter of illness loomed annually. 

Covid, a tortuous experience that I had the unfortunate luck to share with too many.

But amidst the darkness, I count myself fortunate. Blessed with access to top-notch medical care and a guardian GP who stays on call for me. I belong to the privileged few — the 1% —who can navigate this labyrinth of suffering with some semblance of grace. 

For the vast majority, the reality is far bleaker. No one should endure the agony of compromised breathing, the very essence of being alive.

“Plunge for Lungs,” a beacon of hope. Through confronting my fears, embracing discomfort and your sponsorship, our collective efforts hold the power to transform lives. Through funding, we can extend a lifeline to those who would otherwise languish in silence, denied the resources they so desperately need. A network of support, pioneering treatments, and groundbreaking research stand poised to rewrite the narrative for generations to come.

At twenty-one, I bid farewell to a beloved soul, a pillar of strength who succumbed to the ravages of lung cancer. The void left in her wake lives within me; a visceral reminder of the toll exacted by these insidious diseases. While there are many who suffer from lung conditions, there are also the loved ones who suffer alongside them. 

In my grief, I cling to a fragile hope—that one day, others may be spared this anguish. That one day, the ache of loss from lung conditions will be a distant memory. Today, as we rally behind the cause, we sow the seeds of tomorrow’s triumphs.

“Take the Plunge for Lungs” beckons us to stand as one, to defy the odds and rewrite the narrative of despair. Together, let us forge a path toward healing, buoyed by the knowledge that every step brings us closer to a future where breath flows freely, and hope reigns supreme.

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Celine N.

Amazing cause, cheering you on. Always. Love you Ami 🧡


Becky Ray

I'm so proud of you buddy!


S Agyare


Varsha Koneru